Historic Night

PROVIDENCE – Following an historic election, Fight Back RI Campaign Director Ray Sullivan released the following statement today:

“The fabric of our country changed yesterday. From local legislative and Congressional candidates, all the way up to President of the United States, those who embraced equal rights, recognition and respect for all Americans were resoundingly chosen to lead our state and nation.

I am remarkably proud of and grateful to all the pro-equality candidates who stepped up this year to run for seats in the General Assembly. Thanks to the efforts of many, 2013 will see more pro-equality Senators and Representatives seated in the Assembly than at any other point in history.

While there are still some races yet to be decided, the pro-equality impact on the 2012 election was both significant and undeniable. We were proud to stand with those who stand with us and eagerly anticipate working with new and long-time equality supporters from both sides of the aisle when the Assembly returns in January. We thank Speaker Fox for his commitment to call a vote on this important civil rights legislation, and look forward to resuming positive and productive conversations with Senate leaders at the appropriate time.

There are those who will point to the historic pro-equality ballot wins in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington yesterday and ask if we intend to pursue a similar strategy in Rhode Island. The answer remains no. It is never appropriate to allow the majority of voters in a state to determine the freedoms of a minority group – that’s the job of our courts and legislatures. And to that end, we are emboldened by the momentum of this election cycle will steadfastly work to make 2013 the year that Governor Chafee finally signs marriage equality into law.”

Spend just one hour on Election Day to help make history

President Obama said it better than I ever could: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

The fate of marriage equality is in our hands now, and it’s up to all of us to step up and do our part. That’s why I’m asking you to commit just one hour tonight or tomorrow to join a phone bank for a pro-equality candidate near you.

I don’t know about you, but I want to wake up on Wednesday morning knowing I did everything I could to put us in the best position to win this critically important civil rights fight.

So…one hour, that’s all I’m asking. You can do it. Just one hour could make all the difference and help us make history.

Let’s get this done.



Vote Pro-Equality this Tuesday!

We stand with those who stand with us!

Below, you’ll find a list of all the pro-equality candidates running for General Assembly seats in Tuesday’s election. If you don’t see your particular House or Senate district listed, it’s because we didn’t receive a completed candidate survey in that race or the individuals running are not pro-equality. Our staff is out in the field working directly with campaigns, so, if you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to email me directly (ray at fightbackri dot com) or call my mobile: (401) 227-0259.

Five important things to remember about Today:

  1. Bring a form of identification. This is the first election in which this will be required in Rhode Island. To find a list of acceptable forms of ID please click here. No one will be turned away for not having an ID, but just in case you forget to bring one, be sure to ask for a provisional ballot so that your vote can be counted.
  2. Make sure to confirm your polling location and hours. Most are open 7a to 8p, but don’t forget to double check!
  3. Report problems: If you encounter or observe a problem at the polls on Election Day we have a team ready to respond. Please call (401) 227-0259 if you or anyone you know experiences a problem or extensive delay in voting.
  4. Vote early and vote pro-equality!
  5. Volunteer to help elect a pro-equality candidate near you. We still need to fill a few shifts for phones and doors. Your effort could make all the difference!
I don’t have to remind you about what’s at stake in this election. So, today, please support the pro-equality candidates in your area and help us take another important step forward in winning equal rights, protection and recognition for ALL Rhode Island families!

State House of Representatives
*= Fight Back RI endorsed 

State Senate
*= Fight Back RI endorsed  

Fox vows to pressure Senate leaders on marriage equality bill

During a taping today of WPRI’s Newsmakers debate series, House Speaker Gordon Fox not only renewed his commitment to moving forward with a vote on marriage equality early in 2013, but went further by saying he would apply pressure to key Senate leaders who have stood in the way of the bill’s passage for years.

While this is certainly not the first time the Speaker has pledged to bring this important civil rights legislation to the floor, it is another important indicator that he intends to make winning equal rights for gay and lesbian couples in loving, committed relationships a top priority next year.

But we can’t rely on the Speaker to do it alone. In light of this news and all the momentum we’ve generated these past months, will you commit right now to volunteering just one day between now and the election to help elect more pro-equality candidates?

You can watch the entire debate with Tim White, Ted Nesi and Ian Donnis by clicking here.

Coming Out for Equality

Today is National Coming Out Day, a time when we celebrate coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or an ally. It’s an important opportunity to remind our family and friends that building and maintaining a safe society where LGBTQ people can live truthfully and openly requires constant vigilance.

In less than a month Rhode Islanders will go to the polls to decide who will represent them in the General Assembly. Shame on us if we don’t stand up, raise our voices and work to elect pro-equality candidates who represent the interests of all families. 

We’re closer than ever to having the votes needed to finally pass marriage equality, and so today, I’m asking you to do one thing: Will you commit to coming out to just one event to help elect pro-equality candidates before Election Day?

If you’ve never been involved with a campaign before, that’s great, around here we recognize that history is made by the first-timers. Your efforts on the phone or at the door could make the difference in whether or not we elect pro-equality majorities in the House and Senate. 

So whether you’re an LGBTQ Rhode Islander or straight ally, there couldn’t be a more important time to join the effort to encourage our elected leaders to come out for equality. Please, take a moment to fill out this volunteer form so we can schedule a convenient time for you to be part of this historic civil rights effort. 

Thanks for all you do. 


Be Counted, Register to Vote or Update your Information Today

Two weeks ago we won some big races in the primary. And now, with just 41 days until the general election, we’re poised to send even more pro-equality candidates to Smith Hill. But you can’t be part of one of the most important elections in our lifetime if you’re not registered to vote.

Today is National Voter Registration Day and we’re partnering with our friends at Rock the Vote to help increase participation in the democratic process. Can you please take a minute now to either register for the first time, or update your voter registration information if you moved or changed your name in the last year?

Your vote matters, and you have the power to make a difference for everyone who believes in equal rights for all Rhode Islanders.

It’s time to stand up and be counted.

What we accomplished

PROVIDENCE – Fight Back RI Campaign Director Ray Sullivan released the following statement tonight regarding the results of Tuesday’s primary results:

“The gains equality supporters achieved in this election are nothing less than remarkable.

What began as a small but passionate effort nearly10 years ago to win the freedom to marry, has burgeoned into an effective political force that today is advancing and protecting the civil rights of LGBTQ Rhode Islanders and their families.

We are extremely grateful to the candidates who sought and accepted the pro-equality endorsement and proudly stood up for equality throughout their campaigns. As no candidate ever stands alone, it’s important to recognize the hundreds of pro-equality volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors and made countless phone calls into districts all across the state. Together, we made a tangible impact.

Now, with the momentum of these important gains in both the House and Senate, and the support of a growing majority of Rhode Islanders, we begin our General Election effort, knowing each day brings us one step closer to winning equal rights for all Rhode Islanders.”


It’s go time

In case you missed it, Ray Sullivan sent this email to our supporters earlier today.
It’s go time and we need all hands on deck to help win on Tuesday:

I know how much you care about equal rights for all Rhode Islanders and that you’re aware of what’s at stake in Tuesday’s General Assembly elections. That’s why I need your help.

I’m asking you to roll up your sleeves and get involved this weekend. There’s a pro-equality candidate running in a district near you and they need your help to win one of the most important elections of our lifetime.

For months, these candidates have knocked on hundreds of doors, made thousands of phone calls and worked hard to earn the trust and confidence of the voters in their district. After all that effort, victory in Tuesday’s primary comes down to the work that needs to be done in the next three days.

Will you join us in making history?

Don’t assume that someone else is going to step up. We need your help, Ray, and we need you now. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked on a campaign before – history is made by the first-timers.

Let’s go.

- Ray


Fight Back RI Primary Election Endorsements

Fight Back RI is proud to endorse these pro-equality candidates running in the upcoming September 11th Primary:

Rhode Island House of Representatives

Rhode Island Senate

We’ll post General Election endorsements after the Primary. To check your polling location and hours, check the Secretary of State’s website.