Historic Night

PROVIDENCE – Following an historic election, Fight Back RI Campaign Director Ray Sullivan released the following statement today:

“The fabric of our country changed yesterday. From local legislative and Congressional candidates, all the way up to President of the United States, those who embraced equal rights, recognition and respect for all Americans were resoundingly chosen to lead our state and nation.

I am remarkably proud of and grateful to all the pro-equality candidates who stepped up this year to run for seats in the General Assembly. Thanks to the efforts of many, 2013 will see more pro-equality Senators and Representatives seated in the Assembly than at any other point in history.

While there are still some races yet to be decided, the pro-equality impact on the 2012 election was both significant and undeniable. We were proud to stand with those who stand with us and eagerly anticipate working with new and long-time equality supporters from both sides of the aisle when the Assembly returns in January. We thank Speaker Fox for his commitment to call a vote on this important civil rights legislation, and look forward to resuming positive and productive conversations with Senate leaders at the appropriate time.

There are those who will point to the historic pro-equality ballot wins in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington yesterday and ask if we intend to pursue a similar strategy in Rhode Island. The answer remains no. It is never appropriate to allow the majority of voters in a state to determine the freedoms of a minority group – that’s the job of our courts and legislatures. And to that end, we are emboldened by the momentum of this election cycle will steadfastly work to make 2013 the year that Governor Chafee finally signs marriage equality into law.”

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